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Auntsfield Estate

Marlborough, New Zealand

Auntsfield produces wine of uncompromised quality from grapes grown on Marlborough’s first vineyard. The resulting wines are distinctive and reflect the passion and dedication that exists within the family members who work the land and make this wine. Inspiration from Auntsfield Estate’s history, as Marlborough’s first vineyard and winery, is reflected in the artisan style of winemaking where old world techniques are used to produce wines that connect with the land, the people and the Heritage of Marlborough.

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Auntsfield has a long and distinguished history. It was first planted by the pioneer of winemaking in Marlborough, David Herd, who established the vineyard in 1873. The vineyards flourished for over 50 years until the Herds left the property in the 1930s. The vineyards then became grazing land until the Cowley family came across the site in the late 1990s and lovingly replanted the property and restored it’s unique history including the original wine cellar that you can see on their label, which is where the wines were made back in the 1870s.

When Graeme and Linda first bought the property, there were no grapes anywhere around them. It wasn’t until they began researching the history of the land, that they realised they had just purchased Marlborough’s very first vineyard. Auntsfield is a family business in every sense of the word. And, at the very heart of this, are Graeme and Linda’s sons – Ben and Luc Cowley. Both men are utterly passionate about the part they play in creating the exceptional wines made here at Auntsfield.


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