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Casa Gran del Siurana

Priorat, Spain

At Casa Gran del Siurana they believe that there is always more to do, more to change, more to achieve. Ambitious? No, they are just perfectionists.

Each bottle is made with the wisdom of a farmer, the dedication of an artisan, and the creativity of an artist, taking care of every detail and always demanding a little more.

Our Range


The Casa Gran del Siurana project started with the idea of creating high quality, modern wines. Perelada own 18.5 planted hectares where they combine both native varietals (Garnacha, Cariñena) and foreign varietals (Syrah, Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot). The wide range of varietals planted in the terroirs La Casa Granan and La Fredat is the key to the elaboration of GR-174 and Cruor, two wines that are complex and full of nuances. One of the most respected producing regions both in Spain and the world and one of the very few that are recognized as a Qualified Designation of Origin (D.O.Q.).

A Winery With D.O.Q Priorat Quality Seal, One Of  The Most Renowned Wine Regions in The World

  • Located in Bellmunt del Priorat, one of the villages that make up the D.O.Q Priorat.
  • The estates are located around a farmhouse known as -Casa Gran-. A building where the Carthusian monks of the Scala Dei monastery lived and introduced viticulture to the region.
  • Casa Gran del Siurana comprises 16.5 ha planted with a combination of local (Garnatxa, Caranyena) and international (Syrah, Caberrnet Sauvignon, Merlot) grape varieties.






4/F, Unit B, Sunview Industrial Building,
3 On Yip Street, Siu Sai Wan,
Hong Kong, China

T: +852 1234 5678