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Graham Norton Wines

Marlborough, New Zealand
South Australia, Australia

TV megastar Graham Norton teamed up with New Zealand’s INVIVO Wines to produce a range of award winning wines. This is no gimmick, Graham not only put his name to the wines, but personally blended them himself and ows shares in the company.

Not coming from a winery or family estate, Graham Norton benefits from being able to select his favourite grapes from around the world. The result is we get a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and a South Australian Shiraz amoungst others.

Our Range


In 2014 Invivo launched a Sauvignon Blanc with legendary chat show host Graham Norton after learning he was a fan of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

The collaboration quickly expanded and the GN wine and spirits range now also includes a New Zealand Rosé, Prosecco, Rosé Prosecco, Australian Shiraz, Argentinian Malbec and four spirits: an Irish gin, Pink gin, Seville Marmalade and Vodka, totaling ten beverages. Invivo’s mission is to bring people together so great things can happen and Invivo Cofounders Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron work with producer partners around the world to produce quality wines from the world’s very best wine producing regions, including New Zealand.

The GN range is now enjoyed by people in ten countries and is the most awarded celebrity beverage brand in recent years with more than 300 awards and gold medals. Graham is a shareholder in Invivo and personally tastes and blends the new vintages of wines with Tim and Rob every year; the trio have a great time when they get together!

From a run of 14,000 bottles in its first year, Invivo produced its 15 millionth bottle of wine from the GN range in 2021 and both Graham and Invivo are proud of its success!


New Zealand & Australia


Marlborough & South Australia



4/F, Unit B, Sunview Industrial Building,
3 On Yip Street, Siu Sai Wan,
Hong Kong, China

T: +852 1234 5678